Vitamin Plan

Vitamin Plan

What is a Vitamin Plan, and who is it for?

The vitamin plan is for those seeking professional nutritional guidance on what vitamins/minerals to take. Supplements can be super confusing for those looking to take them but don’t know what they should take or how much, or for how long?

Why is it beneficial to get a Vitamin Plan?

Supplements can significantly benefit your health alongside healthy eating, but only when necessary; the benefits of getting a supplement plan include finding out which supplements are best suited to your body and your unique needs. Benefits include not overspending on unnecessary supplementation and not over or under-supplementing the dosage. There can also be contraindications for those on medications, making professional guidance helpful here. There are so many branded supplements out there that it’s hard to know which ones are worth the money and which aren’t. My job as a nutritional therapist is to guide you on the right path for all of the above.

Vitamin Plan

Both plans are followed up by a supplement plan detailing course duration, dosages, recommended supplements and costs.

Vitamin Plan Advanced

Vitamin Plan Basic £90

30-minute consultation to analyse the below;

Vitamin Plan Basic

Vitamin Plan Advanced £120

The advanced plan includes all the above with the following extras.