About nutritional therapy

About nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is the practice of using foods, supplements, functional foods, herbs, lifestyle changes and dietary counselling alongside in-depth assessment to help people achieve their health goals. These goals can range from weight management to chronic disease symptom support, eating for healthy pregnancies and more. The main goal of nutritional therapy is that “Food is Medicine”

Nutritional therapy can be invaluable to supporting you towards a specific goal, managing a chronic health condition – alongside medicinal support or helping you to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. Nutrition is no longer just about weight loss but about creating and achieving optimum health and helping to try preventing future disease by bringing all your body systems back into balance and get them functioning correctly.

As a Nutritional therapist, I will use a wide range of tools to assess and identify any potential nutritional imbalances you have. Nutritional therapy is recognised as alternative medicine.
As a practitioner, I consider everyone unique and individual and recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

How can nutrition benefit you? Sure, it’s easy to google how to eat healthy foods and how to be healthy but ask yourself whether its sustainable? Nutrition is much more complex than adding in some fruit and vegetables, everyone’s nutrition plan I create is completely unique, I teach my clients the science and reasoning behind why I am asking them to make certain changes, this helps my clients know the importance of what they are doing thus helping them stick to their plan!

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