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Are you in the prime of your life, but not feeling so prime?

Are you a woman who is meant to be in the absolute PRIME of her life..

But you are battling with..


– IBS / Gut issues?

– Hormonal Imbalances?

– The skin that won’t stay clear for even a week!

– The pounds that will not drop off no matter what you do?

– The fatigue that stops you from getting up and out and enjoying YOUR life?


This was once me and has been many of my clients. I am here to tell you

it does NOT have to be this way, & that nutrition is not complicated. 

However, you may need a more personalised approach that will suit you.


I help women achieve this by giving them personalised nutrition and lifestyle
plans & find the root cause of their issues in my programmes. I will work with
you step by step until we banish every single one of these symptoms.


I want to help you achieve the weight loss, get the clear and glowing skin,

banish the fatigue and gut issues for good so you can thrive in your newfound confidence!

Hey! I’m Beth. I am a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist based in the UK registered under BANT.

I have always felt I would be best suited to a path to help people; I just never knew what that path was…

Years ago, I found I had a deep passion for the body and healing the body through food, lifestyle and mindfulness. I would read books, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube videos to learn as much as I could about how humans can HEAL and THRIVE in our bodies if nourished correctly. I was fascinated, and I found that food is, in fact, a form of medicine.

Today, after following my nutritional plans that helped me regain hormonal balance and got my gut functioning optimally alongside exercise and mindfulness, I feel free of issues such as IBS, Anxiety and severe hormonal acne. I now help others achieve wellness and reduce their symptoms of chronic health issues. I decided to turn this passion of mine into a caree

What is nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy is the practice of using foods, supplements, functional foods, herbs, lifestyle changes and dietary counselling alongside in-depth assessment to help people achieve their health goals. These goals can range from weight management to chronic disease symptom support, eating for healthy pregnancies and more. The main goal of nutritional therapy is that “Food is Medicine”

Nutritional therapy can be invaluable to supporting you towards a specific goal, managing a chronic health condition – alongside medicinal support or helping you to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. Nutrition is no longer just about weight loss but about creating and achieving optimum health and helping to try preventing future disease by bringing all your body systems back into balance and get them functioning correctly.

Naturopathic Nutrition

As a Naturopathic Nutritionist I view the body as one whole rather than separate systems and a knowing that every individual requires a personalised approach to nutrition. My aim is to investigate each client of their true causes for underlying health conditions this is done through comprehensive case taking and specialised testing if needed.

Naturopathic nutrition is a holistic approach using diet, lifestyle, and supplements if and where required, to assist the body in achieving and maintaining optimum health. This encourages the bodies natural healing abilities and may be a benefit to many chronic health issues.

Naturopaths follow the following principals –

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