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The start of my Acne Journey

My Acne Treatment journey began in March 2017 when I noticed my skin was becoming increasingly blemished with spots, I could not get rid of, causing me irritation, pain, and embarrassment. Below is my story on how I eventually overcame and treated my acne after three years! Healing my skin from the inside out.

Recognising and accepting

As mentioned, 2017 is where it all began for me. I had spots coming and going at what felt like a ratio of 2:1, leaving not a moment in between for spot-free skin. Having not had Acne through my early years, I thought I had dodged a bullet and never truly appreciated my clear skin. After three months of my Acne not improving, it was time to accept that it had finally got me!

Acne treatment – Skincare

My first thought towards solving my acne was skincare. After all, there are so many brands just for our skin, right? I first thought that my skincare routines, such as hygiene or makeup, were causing my Acne. My thinking was possibly an allergic reaction or clogged pores. The logic seemed simple enough, and the remedy equally so. To test this theory, I did the following.

Solution 1 – Skin care products

I researched skincare products specifically targeted to acne sufferers and tried several products over time.

Outcome – These products dried out my skin. In turn, it triggered my skin to create more sebum to lubricate my skin, thus causing more flare-ups and worsening of Acne. These products were not a good Acne treatment for my Acne.

Solution 2 – Non-toxic skincare

I researched skincare products with natural PH levels and no acidic or harmful ingredients or chemicals.

Outcome: These products were pricier but less harsh on my skin and did not cause further flare-ups. Although these products did not prove a good Acne treatment, they are still a part of my healthy skin routine.

Skincare Summary: 

After trying and failing, I felt deflated and, to some degree, depressed by the lack of results. I thought I had no control over my Acne. It was now time to escalate things, so to my doctors I went!

The next step! Acne treatment – Doctors

Solution 3 – The doctors

At this stage, I was praying the doctors would be my saving grace as I knew no other way to prevail over my Acne! Throughout this treatment, I used multiple topical/steroid acne creams such as duac gel for the skin to be applied daily.

Outcome – The creams provided relief while using, which was terrific as I felt more in control and positive. However, the negative side of this treatment is that so little as a few days without using the creams and the flare-ups would start. So, this was a great short-term solution but only something I could maintain for a short while. Over time, each cream becomes less effective, thus leading to going back to the doctors for different creams. Also, I found that these creams made my skin much more sensitive as steroid creams thin the skin and damage the skin barrier.

Solution 4 – Birth Control

After a while, the doctors advised me to use a different form of contraception, as Acne treatment. As I was not trying to conceive, I did not have an issue with trying this, so I proceeded. After some side effects, I switched from one method to another, and my conclusion is below.

Outcome – The birth control I was on was the implant which I had been on for 3 years. You must get this replaced every 3 years so it was time for me to change mine. This was around the time my skin broke out. I left this implant in for around a year before removing it. I decided to remove it after noticing lots of terrible side effects this time around. These were symptoms such as anxious mood, changes in bowel habits, oily skin, hair thinning and LOTS of acne.

 Coming off all birth control

I then decided to come off birth control altogether. Stopping birth control is no quick feat either, as your body goes through almost a withdrawal/recovery phase of balancing out and returning to a more natural state. I didn’t initially link the implant to my acne because previously with the implant, I had clear skin. However, over time, I found these synthetic hormones imbalanced my natural hormones a lot!

What was next

Over time around 6months of being off any hormones, I found a slight improvement in my skin, but I still had LOTS of work to do. My hormones were completely imbalanced, periods were irregular. My doctor told me it could take 3months for my hormones to go back to normal I found it took over a year to rebalance hormones. Not only was my gut damaged, but I also had IBS and constipation, which can be caused by stress and synthetic hormones!

Doctor Summary

After finding the creams from the doctors weren’t working I stopped using them. I also didn’t want to take the pill to “help my acne”. This would again mess with my hormones, and it is like putting a plaster over a wound rather than addressing the true problem. The skin may clear up from contraception whilst on it, but it will soon come back the moment you come off, it’s not addressing the true cause.

Acne treatment – Clear your skin from within

During the last couple of years of my suffering from Acne, I became interested in the body’s health, specifically in understanding the biology of what imbalances the body. I was eager to know the underlying science. I spent four years studying the human body and understanding the importance and effects of nutrients and diet. Later qualifying myself as a nutritional therapist.

How this helped me cure my own acne

Throughout this adventure, I performed tests and prepared a tailored diet plan based on nutrient intake and avoiding sensitive foods. The aim was to heal my body and rid myself of Acne completely. This journey sparked the program’s name: “Clear your skin from within.”  


In 3-4 weeks, I started noticing its effects on my skin and body, from higher energy levels to feeling more alert and cheerful. I had fewer new spots that week, and my skin felt less inflamed and irritated. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself, but I could not help but feel genuinely excited! After six months of sticking to my nutritional plan, I was Acne free and living my best life!

What I do today to help others with acne

Since qualifying, I have helped myself and numerous others take control of their lives by improving or, in some cases overcoming chronic conditions. The approach of understanding your body, diet, and health/medical records allows me to specifically target the underlying issues and not mask them with a quick fix.

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