Hey there! My name is Beth, I am a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist based in the UK registered under BANT and ANP.

I have always felt I would be best suited in a path to help people; I just never knew what that path was…  I have always believed one of our sole purposes for being on this earth is to serve and helps others through this life.

Many years ago, I found I had a deep passion for the body and healing the body through food, lifestyle and mindfulness. I would read books, listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos to learn as much as I could on how we as humans are able to HEAL and THRIVE in our bodies through food I was completely fascinated, and I found that food is in fact a form of medicine.

This is something which I managed to achieve for myself with my own personal issues ranging from IBS, constipation, anxiety to severe hormonal acne. Today after following my nutritional plans that helped me regain hormonal balance and got my gut functioning optimally again alongside exercise and mindfulness I feel free of these issues, and I now help others achieve wellness and reduce their symptoms of chronic health issues. I decided to turn this passion of mine into a career.

After studying for 4 years and gaining 200 clinic hours in practice I moved on to help clients with a range of differing health issues, today I have a keen interest in helping clients in my areas of speciality which is skin conditions and digestive issues. If you would like to find out more about what chronic conditions I help then please head over to the chronic conditions page.

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