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Hey there! My name is Beth, I am a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist registered under BANT and ANP. Many years ago I found I had a deep passion for the body and healing the body through food, lifestyle and mindfulness. This is something which I managed to achieve for myself with my own personal issues ranging from IBS, constipation, anxiety to severe hormonal acne. Today after following my nutritional plans along with exercise and mindfulness I feel free of these issues and want to help others achieve wellness and reduce their symptoms of chronic health issues. I decided to turn this passion of mine into a career. After studying for 4 years and gaining 200 clinic hours in practice I moved on to help clients with a range of differing health issues.


Naturopathic Nutrition

  • As a Naturopathic Nutritionist I view the body as one whole rather than separate systems and a knowing that every individual requires a personalised approach to nutrition. My aim is to investigate each client of their true causes for underlying health conditions this is done through comprehensive case taking and specialised testing if needed.
  • Naturopathic nutrition is a holistic approach using diet, lifestyle, and supplements if and where required, to assist the body in achieving and maintaining optimum health. This encourages the bodies natural healing abilities and may be a benefit to many chronic health issues.
  • Naturopaths follow the following principals –
  • 1. Work with the healing power of nature, trusting the body’s inherent powers of recovery when obstacles to cure are removed.
  • 2. Identify the cause – Address the underlying cause of illness rather than just treating symptoms.
  • 3. First do no harm – Use the most natural, least toxic, and least invasive therapies first.
  • 4. Support the whole person – Assess not just the physical condition but also factors that influence health and well-being.
  • 5. Therapist as teacher – Educate people in the art of self-care and the steps they need to take to achieve optimal health.
  • 6. Prevention – Encourage the promotion of health and prevention of disease

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